Gracie is a big personality in a smaller package. She absolutely loves her people and would love to spend every moment with you. Hanging out? She's the queen of Netflix and chill. Running errands or taking a trip? Gracie loves car rides! Time for bed? Gracie is a master cuddler and bedtime is her favorite time of day. Feel like a walk? She loves those too! She is game for whatever you feel like doing.

Gracie is eager to please and very responsive to training. She is currently working on crate training in her foster home. Although she is not a fan of being crated, she now willing goes into her crate. With an established routine and strong bond with her handler, she is eager to please. She will would do best with an experienced owner who is assertive and can establish clear boundaries, as she is willful at times.

On October 2, 2018 Gracie graduated a class on socialization at the Canine Coach. As you can see by her picture, she was a bit annoyed that her foster mom made her wear a silly hat for a picture. How could she resist… We are all so proud!

Gracie is successfully living in a foster home with cats and a submissive female dog. She could do well with other pets with slow introductions. She would also do best with older children who know how to approach and read dogs. She would be a wonderful companion for right person or family. She is loving, goofy, and up for anything with a smile on her face.

Gracie is the type of dog for someone who is up for a very fulfilling challenge. She is very smart, eager to please, sweet, and absolutely loves her people. She would like nothing more than to spend every moment by your side (this one is a cuddle bug). That said, without structure and routine, she is willful, bossy, and stubborn. Gracie needs consistency, firmness, follow through, and strong leadership on a daily basis.

She can't wait to meet and make her forever family fall in love with her!