Priceless Pits April Fundraiser

Through the month of April, save 10% on your Priceless Pits orders by using code 4PIT. With each purchase using this code, 4 Pits Sake Rescue will also receive a 10% donation! Do good while you shop!


Priceless Pits is a Philadelphia-based Apparel and Pet Gear company promoting positive awareness for pit bulls.

As pitbull owners, we have learned about the major misconceptions people have toward the breed. The word pitbull tends to bring about negative attitudes from many people. There are also breed specific laws telling owners where they can and can't have a pitbull (really dislike). As a responsible pitbull owner (not everyone is, which is part of the problem), I wanted to find a way to bring positive awareness to the breed. They are not the big bad scary dogs that society leads us to believe.

-Dana Price, Owner of Priceless Pits

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