Fundraiser for Wilma

Wilma, like most of the pitties we pull and advocate for, comes to us with an atrocious past... Seized from a cruelty case where she was reportedly thrown through walls and tethered to a bed with less than 6inches to move, along with poor genetics due to her low-rider status, she needs orthopedic attention STAT!

We pulled her and brought her straight to our vetting partner clinic (and the staff instantly fell in LOVE with her, I mean, how could you not!). Her veterinarian took several radiographs of her elbows, knees, shoulders & hips and is consulting with board certified surgeons and radiologists to give us the best next steps for Wilma. For now, we will work on rehab exercises and anti-inflammtories to ease her discomfort, but surgery could likely be in the cards for Wilma.

PLEASE consider donating to her ongoing orthopedic care, for her first visit alone her bill came to $300. Any amount helps! 💜🐾

**Wilma is not available for adoption quite yet, we need a game plan for her orthopedic issues before we can find her a forever home capable of her quirks! Stay tuned for updates!**