Welcome Gracie!  This girl is approximately 4 years old, shy & sweet as can be. She was terrified in shelter & her neck is sticky with drool from shelter stress & heightened anxiety.  She has been in a loving foster home since May 2018.  When Gracie came to rescue, she had an unknown mass on her leg.  We had it removed and she is recovering in her foster home. The pathology report showed cancerous cells.  Although the mass was removed, if it re-appears, it is important for her adoptive family to have this removed right away. 

Gracie has been very curious with her foster moms' cats.  She has chased them and even stalks them a bit when they get to a safe place.  Gracie is not aggressive with them and her foster's believe that with training, this behavior can be corrected.  Before Gracie's surgery, her fosters were working with "leave it" and she was excelling in training.  She is super smart!  

This girl's favorite thing to do is get all the attention, love and snuggles she can. Gracie even whines a bit when her foster fur-sibling gets attention when she doesn't.  She loves to be the star of the show. 

Gracie is currently living with a female dog and has done well.  She was a bit "bossy" at first, but with time, she has gotten better about taking cues.  Gracie has gotten much better at her socialization with time.  She walks wonderfully on a leash with her foster fur-sibling and enjoys meeting other dogs on leash.  She has shown a bit of fear with men she doesn't know.  When given time to warm up, she loves everyone.