Gus here! I'm a chill, quiet guy that just wants to spend my days cuddling on the couch with someone (but I call little spoon). I enjoy eating, sleeping, grunting, clicker training, and playing with friends. I look like I could bench a school bus, but secretly the only thing I lift is my nose to the treat jar.

I haven't been around many kids, but I love people and have never shown any aggression to them. Not to brag, but I am perfect when you take my toys and bones away, and for baths, nail trims, vet visits, and all of that poking and prodding- so I should be okay with kids. I do lose my mind when I get the zoomies though, and I might run a small child over in the process.

I would do best with a human that has dog experience and can help build my confidence. I have some leash reactivity towards other dogs that I have been working through. I wasn't always this way, but I got ambushed by a Chihuahua (those things are crazy!) and have been a bit fearful since. My trainer thinks I can overcome this though! 

I can also be selective about my dog friends, I prefer them to be more on the easy-going side. The dog I live with now is just too anxious and dramatic for my tastes. He's a bit much and I really don't like sharing my toys or bones with him, although I have been fine sharing toys with other dogs in the past. 

Cats on the other hand are the coolest! I live with an older cat and kitten, the kitten and I love to wrestle and chase each other around the house. The older cat will swat at me if I get too close to him and he's in a bad mood (which is a lot) and I just walk away, usually acting offended.

I do fine in a kennel, but I prefer to roam around if possible. I'm respectful and won't destroy your things, and I rarely bark. Thanks for reading, hope to meet you soon!