HEY there! My name is Margo. I have been in rescue since I was just a few months old. I've learned so much since beginning my journey. I just graduated a six-week training program, so my obedience is on point! My foster daddy works with me everyday to keep my skills sharp.

I LOVE people and really love to play with dogs. I am still learning that not all dogs love me as much as I love them. I am also learning to read their cues better and not be too strong in my play. If you have a ball of any kind, you will instantly be my best friend. Toys are another favorite thing of mine - especially Kong type balls. No cats, bunnies or hamsters for me as I have a high prey-drive.

I am still learning not to resource guard my toys and food. My foster daddy is helping me work through this behavior and I am getting better everyday. Because I still struggle with this, older children (12 +) would be the best fit for me. I will also be best as the only dog in the home because I do not like to share. If you have a resident animal already in the home, and are experienced in managing resource guarding, the rescue people say they’d love to have a conversation with you about me.

My perfect family will take me on a lot of adventures. I would do best with an active family that'll continue to work with me on my training and give me a lot of exercise. I don't require an adopter with a fenced in yard, but I sure would love one to run around in.