My name is Peyton. I'm 17lbs of pure puppy love packed with puppy breath, sweet kisses and sharp puppy teeth.

I'm currently learning all about the puppy ways. Potty training is a work in progress, I make a small bark when I have to go potty but accidents at night I'm still working on.

My foster sister is so much fun to run around and play with. She is an older clam dog so she is easy to be around. The other foster dog however is super hyper and her, I'm not a huge fan of. My foster mama thinks I would do best with calm resident animals who are able to help me learn but who also want to play. The neighbors cat is an interesting creature. I tried to play with him but he punched me for no reason, I ran over to my foster mama but she said it was just a boop and I'll be okay. Pretty sure it punched me though.

I'm a very shy and fearful puppy and will need a lot of work building my confidence and learning to meet new people. I would do best in a home with someone who has experience with shy/fearful puppies. I'm pretty scared by small children at this time, fast movement and loud sounds make me want to hide and shake. Kids that are 5 or older, that are respectful with me would be best for me.

I cant wait to join your family and be the best puppy I can be.