Reggie is a super sweet, calm dude who LOVES people! He is a big boy, weighing in at 88.2 lbs! He's approximately 5 years old and recently joined rescue after being abandoned at a local shelter. The mass shown in the photos was removed 6/7/19.

Here’s what his foster family has to say about him:

Now that I’m fully healed, I’m living the good life. My personality has really started to shine now that I’m pain free so my foster parents wanted me to send in an update. First things first, I LOVE my ball. It’s my favorite and I take it with me everywhere, even when I go outside. I also love my humans and I will drown them in kisses and slobber if they allow me to. I’m finding that I really like the resident dogs and cat, and especially love to bounce and play with them. Yeah that’s right, I said bounce because when I do it I look like a hopping rabbit. If a rabbit were a hippo that is..

The other resident dog doesn’t like me much so I just ignore him and I go about my business. As much as he tries, he doesn’t ruin my zen. My foster parents call me steady and low energy. In fact, sometimes I go in my crate to chill and take a snooze after being outside of it for a while. And did I mention I snore? I sound like an old man.

I also like to “talk” to my people through barking. Especially when I’m excited, trying to get an ear scratch, or my favorite humans come home. I stop when I’m told no once or twice but this is something that might need more work. Did I mention I love food? I would do anything for a tasty morsel, so that makes training me pretty easy. Speaking of training, I will need to learn how to walk politely on the leash (no pulling). I also get “mouthy” when I’m really excited, but when my foster parents tell me no, I stop immediately.

All in all, I’m quite the catch. I can’t wait to settle in with my forever family. If my reaction to my foster family coming home is any indication of how much love I have to give, I will love you whole heartedly for the rest of my life and then some.

Bounces and slobber kisses, Reggie