This handsome hunk is looking to re-join our pack.  Unfortunately, his human family is no longer able to care for him.  We are looking for a foster to bring Remi back to 4PSR.

My name is Remi but some humans call me Reminator. I am a 3-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bulldog Cross (aka pit bull). I have one brown eye and one blue eye, which the humans say is pretty cool. I like to cuddle on the couch or snuggle up to a warm human. I absolutely love food; my favorites include apple slices and liver. I love to roam the yard and soak in the sun. 

I am easily stressed in new and uncertain situations like car rides (I am getting better!), I need slow introductions to new dogs and new humans, I don’t like to hang out in crowds, loud & sudden noises easily startle me and I have the strong desire to scare lights and shadows away by chasing them. 

My kennel makes me nervous but I will eat my food inside of it since I do not like to share my food. I will also spend short amounts of time in my kennel before it becomes too much. I am looking for a human companion that will help me work through these stressors and teach me ways to stay calm. 

Some say I would do great in a family home without small children. I have lived with a toddler but sometimes the unpredictability of a toddler is stressful for me. Others say I need a single human that I can ‘netflix and chill’ with. I would probably do best in a slower paced environment where I can work through my stressors and receive adequate training to keep up on my good behavioral skills. I try really hard to please my humans. 

P.S. – I love butt scratches.

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