Hi my name is Tyson and I’m a really smart and loving pup. My main goal is to please the people I love. I know lots of commands and am always eager to learn new things if there are treats involved. I currently know sit, down, stay, roll over, and shake.

My worst habit is jumping on my foster parents when they get home, I’m just so excited to see them! After some belly rubs and lots of kisses I settle down though. Because I still like to jump on people, I wouldn’t do well with small children I can knock over. Older, dog savvy kids would be best. 

I run right into my kennel and wait for my treat. I really love eating from my wobble kong in there so I can play with my food. I’m also a good boy around the house and mainly want to cuddle, chew on bones, and sometimes get the zoomies with my foster siblings. 

I REALLY love other dogs, but I don’t always pick up on their signals if they don’t want to play with me. Sometimes I come on a bit strong, but do really well with other confident, playful dogs. I would probably be too much for smaller dogs, and definitely no cats! I love to chase and be chased by my foster siblings.  

No one knows for sure what my past was like, but I take a moment to trust strangers and some silly things scare me. I warm up to new people pretty fast with some treats, but they need to go slow. Once I feel comfortable I will be in their lap licking their faces. I do really great on walks in quieter areas and enjoy people watching from a comfortable distance.