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We are 100% volunteer-driven, which means every single dollar donated to our organization helps the dogs we save, but that also means that we can't operate without the help of our donors.

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Other Ways to Donate


Fundraiser for PABLO's Boarding


Can you believe this boy was just minutes from being euthanized before we tagged him?? He is SO SWEET and GENTLE and he is very calm and walks like a PRO (check out his bio here)! Pablo is in boarding and needs a foster home, but until we can find him one we will be paying boarding fees that add up quickly! Are you interested in fostering Pablo? Apply today!

Please donate now to help with Pablo's boarding costs!

4 Pits Sake Rescue Wish List

4PSR always needs supplies for the pibbles! If you'd like to donate supplies to 4PSR, shop the Amazon items below and
ship to 515 Burlington Road, St. Paul, MN 55119.

Don't forget to shop and donate to your favorite nonprofit organization. (We hope it's us!)